People from Ennis, County Clare lament the death of former Taoiseach and President Éamon de Valera.

No Irish leader ever held the political state so long. Éamon de Valera dominated Irish politics, in or out of office, from the East-Clare by-election of 1917 , to the years of neutrality and beyond.

This is the assessment of de Valera's legacy by historian John A Murphy of the History Department at University College Cork.  But what do the people of Ennis, County Clare think?

This clip from the programme 'Eamon de Valera and the People of Clare' includes vox pops with people in Ennis town centre, who comment on what de Valera meant to them upon his death. 

Although he was born in New York, de Valera was sent back to Ireland and was brought up by his grandmother in Bruree Co.Limerick

The programme 'Eamon De Valera and the people of Clare' was produced and directed by Eoghan Harris and broadcast on 2 September 1975.