Brian Keenan speaking at his first press conference since his release on 24 August 1990 after being held captive in Lebanon since 1986.

The press conference lasted for an hour and a half and for most of this time Brian Keenan remained composed. It was only when speaking about those he had left behind in Lebanon that his mask of composure fell away. 

Keenan speaks about his fellow captives and describes how Dr Tom Sutherland Dean of the American University suffered periods of depression. Another of those in captivity was US newspaper man Terry Anderson whose love for his family had kept him strong. Brian was closes to British hostage John McCarthy, who he describes as having a great sense of humour, which was a great comfort at times of hopelessness. Keenan then directed his remarks to the British government urging them to secure the release of John McCarthy.

An RTÉ News report by Una O'Hagan broadcast on 30 August 1990.