On 24 August 1990 Brian Keenan was released from captivity in Lebanon, where he had been held hostage since 1986.

Keenan is said to be in good spirits after his first night in Ireland following four and a half years of captivity in Beirut. He is staying in the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin where is undergoing a number of medical examinations. Apart from malnutrition and lack of general fitness, he is said to be well. 

On his return to Dublin an emotional Brian Keenan attended a brief press conference commenting

It's an understatement to say I'm delighted to be home...It's where the heart is.

Keenan goes on to thank everyone who helped to secure his release, but reminds people not to forget the men who have been left behind. 

Brian Keenan had been kidnapped by Islamic Jihad on 11 April 1986.

'This Week' reports two days following his release on 26 August 1990.

The photograph above shows Brian Keenan in an appearance on The Late Late Show on 14 September 1990.