Twenty years ago Tory Island was on the verge of extinction as the population declined now it is seeing investment and regrowth.

A pier extension to the harbour is near completion on Tory the latest phase of development on the island off the coast of Donegal. The upgrade to the harbour will benefit tourism and the fishing industry.

Hotel owner Patrick Doohan has just opened a dive centre which he hopes will allow divers to explore the cliffs, caves and wreck off the coast of Tory. While much needed tourism is on the increase the people of Tory do not want to see their island becoming over run during the holiday season.

Patsy Dan Rodgers the King of Tory sums up the change in fortune for the island,

For an island that was going to be completely evacuated, abandoned thank God thank Colmcille that he was looking down on us and helped us to save our isle.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 24 July 2000. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.