Playing original 18th century instruments or specially made replicas, the Baroque Orchestra of Ireland are confident that Irish audiences will appreciate the intimacy and authenticity of their performances.

The new Baroque Orchestra of Ireland is composed of 18 professional musicians dedicated to performing the classics with a sweeter sound and in a more authentic style. They play either original 18th century instruments or specially made replicas which they say serve the music better and enable them to get closer to the spirit of the composer. 

Conductor Ivor Bolton spoke to RTÉ News reporter Brendan Write.

The term Baroque in architecture means something very ornate and decorative and similarly the music of Bach is very complex. Many lines going at once, all fighting to be heard. 

The orchestra are in rehearsals at Queen's University Belfast for concerts in Dublin and Belfast.

An RTÉ News Report broadcast on 20 April 1990.

Baroque Orchestra of Ireland (1990)
Baroque Orchestra of Ireland (1990)