On the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising, Telefís Éireann produced 'Insurrection' an eight part drama that depicted the events of Easter Week 1916 as they might have been covered if television had existed.

'Insurrection' has been restored and is preserved at RTÉ Archives.

The extract shown here is from the second episode in the series and shows Ray McAnally as the studio anchor reporting on the events of April 24 1916.

Insurrection was produced by Louis Lentin who directed the studio and outside broadcast sequences. Michael Garvey directed the filmed inserts and the script was written by Hugh Leonard.

This episode of Insurrection was broadcast 11 April 1966.

Sherwood Foresters scene from 'Insurrection' (1966)
Sherwood Foresters scene from 'Insurrection' (1966)