Plans to allow Irish emigrants living overseas to vote for three members of the Senate.

Controversy emerged 20 years ago over government plans to give the Irish living abroad the opportunity to vote in elections at home. Many say the government has not gone far enough with a plan to allow emigrants to vote in Senate elections. The move has come under strong attack from groups seeking the right for emigrants to vote in general elections. The want to see emigrants be able to elect TDs and not merely three members of the Senate.

Emigrant group representatives give their views on the new legislation, which would require a change to the constitution. This report includes interviews with: Pat Finnegan, Glór na nDeoirí; Ann Doherty Brent London, Irish Cultural Committee; Liam Ó Cuinneagáin, Glór na nDeoirí; Martina O'Brien, Galway Emigrant Advice Centre; Michael Kitt, T.D. and Fianna Fáil Spokesman on Emigrant Affairs; and Dave Reynolds, Glór na nDeoirí.

While Glór na nDeoirí welcomes the eligibility to vote for three seats in the Senate, it feels that this does not go far enough.

A 'Nationwide' report broadcast on 19 February 1995. The presenter is Michael Ryan and the reporter is Jim Fahy.