David Trimble discusses his roots and early distrust of the civil rights movement with 'Prime Time' reporter Brendan O'Brien.

It's been a long and eventful road for David Trimble.

As UUP party leader, Trimble had participated in peace talks and signed up to the Good Friday agreement despite opposition from elements within the party. He is now poised to take power as First Minister of Northern Ireland.

Paul Murphy MP comments on the vital leadership role played by David Trimble. Philip Black, former General Secretary of the Ulster Clubs, questions the sincerity of Mr Trimble given the agreements he has now put his hand to in relation to the peace process. However, David Trimble is not hurt at being called a traitor.

Mr Trimble talks about his early years in Belfast and the on to Bangor where he grew up. He talks about how he became interested in politics and his views of the civil rights movement.

This episode of 'Prime Time' was broadcast on 9 June 1998. The reporter is Brendan O'Brien.