Eurotunnel said services were delayed and cancelled after migrants attempted to access restricted areas on the French side

Migrants disrupt channel tunnel services

04 Jul Dozens of migrants trying to stowaway on vehicles crossing the Channel by tunnel between France and England broke through perimeter fences at Calais overnight, temporarily halting traffic.

Roger Childs said religious leaders are broadly supportive of having a reflective space

RTÉ says retention of Angelus is 'defensible'

25 Jun The head of religious programmes at RTÉ has said the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has ruled it is totally defensible to retain the 18 peals of the Angelus bell during the "moment of reflection", as well as continuing to call it the Angelus.

Crowds of migrants were seen trying to board waiting lorries

Calais migrants take advantage of port strike

23 Jun Traffic was halted through the Channel Tunnel linking Britain and France today after striking French ferry workers set fire to tyres, while Britain's Foreign Office warned of migrants trying to get into vehicles queuing to enter the tunnel.

Alone says that many people are ending up in nursing homes too soon

Call to reduce reliance on nursing homes

22 Jun The charity Alone, which provides services for older people in need, has said that a third of people currently in nursing homes could live at home if they were supported to do so.

Pope Francis calls for urgent action to develop policies to reduce greenhouse gases

Pope in call over climate change

18 Jun Pope Francis has called for an ethical and economic revolution to prevent catastrophic climate change and growing inequality.

Archbishop Eamon Martin said the church is still awaiting publication of legislation giving effect to the Yes vote

Church wants to continue solemnising weddings

11 Jun Leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland Archbishop Eamon Martin has said that as far as he can see, the church would like to continue performing the civil side of solemnising weddings, despite the outcome of the marriage referendum.

Archbishop Eamon Martin was speaking following Pope Francis' announcement of a Vatican department dealing with sexual abuse

Vatican dept should investigate older abuses

10 Jun The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland has said Pope Francis' new tribunal to judge bishops accused of covering up child sexual abuse should investigate allegations relating to events a long time ago.