Marie Collins says she disagrees with the Pope's remarks made at a public audience on Wednesday

Further criticism of Pope's remarks on smacking

07 Feb Marie Collins, the Irish survivor of sexual abuse who advises Pope Francis on child protection, has joined a chorus of dissent following the pontiff's endorsement of what he called "dignified" corporal punishment in the home.

The monk's remains were found wrapped in cattle skins in north-central Mongolia (Pic: Siberian Times)

Mummified monk 'not dead', say Buddhists

05 Feb A 200-year-old mummified monk found in the lotus position in Mongolia is "not dead" and is instead one stage away from becoming a Buddha, it has been claimed.

A referendum on same-sex marriage will be held in May this year

Poll shows reservations on same-sex marriage

25 Jan The latest 'Red C' Sunday Business Post poll has found although a majority of those surveyed intend to vote 'Yes' in the referendum, many have reservations about same-sex marriage.