Activists march in Manila to show support for Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte sworn in as Philippines' president

17.30 Rodrigo Duterte has been sworn in as the Philippines' 16th president, saying he would wage a "relentless" and "sustained" battle against crime and warned officials that he would not tolerate corruption.

City Bin customers to automatically remain on their current waste plans

News in Brief

18.19 A round-up of other domestic and international news.

Police and military personnel at a a gate of Joint Base Andrews near the Malcolm Grow Medical Center

'Miscommunication' sparked lockdown at US base

17.55 US Joint Base Andrews outside Washington, the home base of the presidential plane Air Force One, said that a "miscommunication" about an active shooter training exercise led to a brief lockdown of the site.

Ruth Smeeth said Jeremy Corbyn had shown a 'catastrophic failure of leadership'

Labour under Corbyn 'not safe' for British Jews

18.38 A Labour MP has claimed the party "cannot be a safe space" for British Jews after Jeremy Corbyn failed to intervene when she was verbally abused by one of his grassroots supporters at a press conference.

Jean-Claude Juncker welcomed Nicola Sturgeon to Brussels

'If the UK leaves, Scotland leaves' - Spanish PM

29 Jun Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she was given a "sympathetic" hearing in Brussels when making her case for finding a way to keep Scotland in the European Union after Britain voted to leave the bloc last week.