The Beatles arrive to play Dublin's Adelphi cinema. Reporter Frank Hall talks to the four band members about fame, the Mersey sound, hair-styles and George Harrison's mother.

Paul Russell greets the band and introduces John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison to reporter Frank Hall.

Frank Hall talks to the four band members about their hair, the Liverpool sound, success, and their Irish backgrounds. The noise of an aircraft interrupts the interview.

George Harrison says his mother has many cousins in Ireland and has come over to see the show. Throughout the interview all four are joking with each other and the reporter. At one point they sing together

we've been together now for 40 years.

Outside the Adelphi cinema in Abbey Street, Dublin, Frank Hall talks to some fans while the police try to keep order. One girl says she does not like the Beatles and is only here to get a ticket for Helen Shapiro.