With time running out for Viking remains to be preserved at Wood Quay, Gerard Nolan introduces this report for the programme 'This Week' which examines the issue.

In a months time the bulldozers are due to move in. A public meeting in Dublin this week called upon the Dublin Corporation and the government to reconsider their plans. 

Professor Kevin Nolan of University College Dublin says the Government should not be afraid to back track on their original decision to build new civic offices on the site at Wood Quay. Nolan describes the public meeting as the largest meeting that he is aware of over the last ten years on an issue of conservation. He also comments that if politicians are wise, they should reconsider what is fundamentally a "mistaken decision".

The Wood Quay issue was very much seen as a political hot potato with many politicians reluctant to get involved. Reporter Cian O'hEigeartaigh spoke to one politician who spoke out against the plans. Michael O'Leary Deputy Labour Party Leader explains the importance of Wood Quay as a heritage site, and why Dublin Corporation should relocate its civic offices to an alternative location. O'Leary comments "It is part of our cultural heritage which we should not bury under new office accommodation which we could site elsewhere...This is part of the heritage of Europe."