A temporary injunction has been granted to the Wood Quay construction company against the Friends of Medieval Dublin.

The High Court granted a temporary injuction to John Paul and Co. Ltd against the protesters occupying Wood Quay.

John Paul and Co. Ltd claim that they are losing about £3,000 a day as a result of the sit-in and their inability to carry out their work. The injunction forbids nine members of the Friends of Medieval Dublin from entering the site at Wood Quay. The nine include Professor FX Martin, Bridie Rosney, Seamus Kelly, Richard Hayworth, Seamus O'Reilly, Michael O'Brien, Leo Swan, Pat Healy and John Gallagher. All nine now face prosecution if they refuse to leave the site.

The injunction however would be short-lived with FX Martin taking an appeal against the decision on the grounds that he and the Friends of Medieval Dublin were protecting a national monument. The temporary injunction was not renewed.