"Is it Queen Victoria you're looking for?"

In this third episode participants recall the evacuation of Stephen's Green, the surrender of City Hall and the rumours that were circulating throughout the city.

Citizen Army Boy Scout Paddy Buttner, who was in the trenches in Stephen's Green park, remembers waking up to the sound of machine gun fire. Unknown to them the British army had taken over the buildings surrounding the park forcing the Citizen Army to evacuate. Buttner was later chosen to go to the Fish Market to see if rumours regarding the deaths of a number of Citizen Army men were true.

Seamus Gough, a member of the Citizen Army describes the evacuation to the College of Surgeons during which time they were attacked by the 'Separation Women'.

 "They fired bottles and jam pots and everything at us as we were going down to get into the College of Surgeons."

When they finally entered the College, Gough was one of a party chosen to tunnel through the buildings beside the College as far as Grafton Street.

Frank Robbins recalls how Michael Mallin, Commandant of the garrison was nearly shot during the evacuation.

Michael Charlton, a member of the Irish Citizen Army describes the reaction of Countess Markievicz after she apparently shot at a British Officer.

Volunteer Liam O Briain fought with the Citizen Army during the Rising and recalls that after entering the College of Surgeons a younger boy destroyed a painting of Queen Victoria. Michael Mallin was extremely angry when he discovered this.

With the death of Sean Connolly and his second in command in City Hall, and by now completely surrounded by the British Army, there was no option left for the garrison but to surrender. Mattie Connolly and Emily Hanratty, both members of the Citizen Army describe their treatment in Ship Street barracks after their arrest.

Captain Simon Donnelly, Boland's Bakery, describes how for humanitarian reasons they released the animals from the Cats and Dogs Home which was nearby. The garrison got very little sleep throughout the week as their objective was to stop the British forces entering the city from Kingstown.

"You snatched an hour whenever you could, when you thought things were quiet and safe."

Tom Walsh, 3rd Battalion Irish Volunteers was sent with his brother James and two other men to reinforce the small garrison in Clanwilliam House, bringing the total number of men to seven and recalls how they barricaded the building in preparation for battle.

Peter Carpenter, a member of the Irish Citizen Army was one of  group of men sent to guard Annesley Bridge on Monday. He describes how he and his comrades came under heavy attack from British reinforcements who came from the Curragh via the North Wall.

Cormac Turner, Kimmage garrison recalls how he had to go to the GPO from his outpost at Hopkins and Hopkins while being fired on by a British sniper. He managed to get back to his position safely but while trying to shoot Turner the sniper shot a young girl who was nearby.