White House officials land in Dublin Airport. They are in Ireland to plan President Kennedy's forthcoming visit.

An advance party of about 20 White House officials arrives in Dublin to plan President Kennedy's visit to Ireland. The US ambassador to Ireland, Matthew McCloskey, is among those waiting to greet them off a US Air Force jet at the airport. The same jet will be used for the Kennedy visit next month. The head of the advance party is appointments secretary to the president, Kenneth O'Donnell, and includes communications and security staff.

Kevin O'Kelly interviews press secretary Pierre Salinger, who already has a basic idea about the visit. He says it is "a sentimental journey to begin with", but won't reveal any further details until after his discussions with the Irish government.

Salinger thinks that the president's party will be about 30 to 40, with about 125 to 150 newsmen. This trip has aroused the greatest interest of any trip since President Kennedy was in office and will be one of the high points of his term.