On the weekend of the 12 July commemorations, hundreds of youths in Derry clash with the police.

Liam Hourican reports from the Bogside on developments and speaks with a Bogside resident who has found herself caught up in a riot. She says this is the worst it has been.

Hourican describes the situation as "desperate" and "depressing". At the moment in Derry, no one sees an end to the riots and Hourican says that if there aren't more riots tonight it will only be because the demonstrators are tired after rioting for 3 successive nights.

Hourican says that there were indications of hooliganism, but it really depends how you define the term. There were about three or four hundred people involved. Hourican also witnessed police provocation where members of the force hurled rocks at demonstrators.

There is a general feeling amongst the police and Protestants that the people of the Bogside are "armed to the teeth", while the people of the Bogside believe that the Protestants are "armed to the teeth". Hourican also talks about the role of religion in the troubles.

John Hume and Bernadette Devlin have both made attempts to restore peace in the area but have failed to date.
Hourican says that there was a suggestion that the riots began as a result of a provocative Union Jack flag-waving.