The Catholic Goodfellow family were evicted from 11 Kinnard Park, Caledon, where they had been squatting. Mrs Goodfellow describes the eviction.

Shortly after the Goodfellow family were evicted, the house next door, 9 Kinnard Park, was allocated to the unmarried Protestant Emily Beatty.

Mrs Goodfellow tells Proinsias Ó Conluain about her dealings with Dungannon Rural Council and her family's eviction. Mrs. Goodfellow talks about the unfair allocation of housing between Protestants and Catholics, and her experiences of squatting in protest against such inequalities.

Mrs. Goodfellow recounts how she was thrown out of her house with a seven week old baby, a three and a five year old. At the moment she is living in a house with 15 others. Mrs. Goodfellow refutes claims that she or her husband has any political affiliation or link to the IRA.