History for Irish rugby with a second successive Triple Crown after victory in Swansea.

Amateur filmmaker Norman Hodgson was among the Irish rugby supporters who travelled to Swansea to watch Ireland take on Wales in the final game of the Five Nations Championship. This is his record of the journey and the day that Ireland won the Triple Crown for a second year in a row.

The trip begins with one of the rugby special Aer Lingus flights from Collinstown Airport Dublin. From Llandow Airport supporters take a bus to Swansea. Trains bring supporters from other parts of Wales and a temporary car park near the Saint Helen's ground is filling up. 

Former Irish outhalf Eugene Davy is among the early arrivals at the ground. On the pitch lorries and workers remove the protective straw from the playing surface. An army band accompanied by a goat entertain the crowd. A couple of over enthusiastic supporters are removed from the pitch.  

The teams are welcomed onto the pitch and the Welsh national anthem is sung with gusto according to Norman Hodgson's notes accompanying the film,

A mighty roar greets Hayden Tanner and his men. The Welsh anthem, 'Land of Our Fathers' is sung by the vast crowd as only the Welsh can sing it.   

So dense are the crowds on the terrace where Norman Hodgson was filming that he missed Jim McCarthy scoring the only try of the game. However, he does capture the tremendous excitement of the Irish players and supporters celebrating a famous victory at the final whistle.

Wales played Ireland at Saint Helen's Park Swansea on 12 March 1949.

The final score was Wales 0 v Ireland 5

The film shown here was shot by Norman Hodgson (1905-1974). Born in Lenzie in Scotland, Norman married Marjorie Towers in 1932 and came to live in Skerries county Dublin in the late 1930s. He was an avid amateur filmmaker who recorded many sporting and social highlights of Irish life in the late 1940s and 1950s. Norman’s films were deposited with the RTÉ Archives by his family and are known as the Hodgson Collection.