Horse-drawn cabs will travel to a Lancashire agricultural show to promote tourism to Dublin.

It is the first time for a horse-drawn cab from Dublin to participate in the Garstang Agricultural and Horticultural Show, which has been held in annually every August in Lancashire for the past two hundred years.

Drivers Bill McCarthy and James Land will take their cabs by ferry. They have been selected by the Society for the Rehabilitation of Horse Cabs.

Promotion of Ireland as a tourist destination is the primary purpose of the trip. Visitors to Dublin enjoy tours of the city in a horse-drawn cab and business is good during the summer months. There has also been a demand for their services at other times during the year says James Land,

We do some weddings and film work, kept fairly busy.

Bill McCarthy believes that the future for Dublin cabs is bright,

They were never as much to the fore as they are today.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 August 1962. The reporter is Frank Hall.