Support groups appeal for help for the Roma community camped on the roundabout of the Ballymun exit of the M50 in Dublin.

Over 40 Roma adults and children are living rough in makeshift tents amid the shrubbery on a roundabout off the slip road near the busy M50 motorway at Ballymun in Dublin.

They say they have nowhere else to go.

Leontina Rostas and her family are living in one small tent in the camp which lacks even the most basic amenities. They buy drinking water and use petrol station facilities for washing.

The Roma are adamant these conditions are much better than what they left behind in Romania. However they expected more when they came to Ireland in search of a better life. Toni Roastas would like to work in agriculture in Ireland. Some of the children on the camp say they would like to have a school uniform and attend school.

Roma Programme Co-ordinator at Pavee Point Sara Russell says the group unable to apply for social services or refugee status and can only apply for high skilled jobs,

Not jobs that generally the Roma community would be looking for.

The families expected to be given help by the Irish authorities and are disappointed by their present living conditions. They have little prospect of their plight being resolved soon.

Health Service Executive (HSE) says it is constantly reviewing the circumstances of the Roma community on the roundabout and has met with An Garda Síochána and the local authority to discuss the issues surrounding this group.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 June 2007. The reporter is Samantha Libreri.