Ivana Trump talks about her novel 'For Love Alone' celebrity status, her work ethic and having no regrets.

During her marriage to business man Donald Trump, Ivana Trump was assigned the position of chief executive officer at Trump's Castle Hotel and Casino in Atlantic city. Staff there were initially surprised at the appointment but accepted her when they realised that she was a businesswoman and not just the owner's wife. Under her management it became the most profitable hotel casino in the United States.

I had a fantastic and talented group of people, and we were a team.

Now divorced from Donald Trump, details of their marriage troubles have been a constant feature in American media for the past few years. The publicity has its benefits, but being under constant scrutiny is not easy. Trying to deal with it Ivana Trump says she looked to,

Shelter yourself and your children, and try to survive any bad situation as graciously as you can.

Close female friendships sustained her throughout this difficult period, and she was also asked to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine. Her positive mindset also helped her to keep on going.

Don't feel sorry for yourself, don't dwell on the past, there is a life out there.

As someone with no regrets, Ivana Trump believes she is fortunate to have been born and raised in Communist Czechoslovakia. A competitive skier since childhood Ivana Trump graduated from Charles University in Prague with a master's degree and made her way to the West. She says immigrants have to work harder than everyone else, but

We achieve, and I have achieved.

This episode of 'Kenny Live' was broadcast on 30 May 1992. The presenter is Pat Kenny.