A Belfast medical practitioner says that beatings are part of the interrogation process for internees in Northern Ireland.

Doctor Raymond Shearer a general practitioner in the Malone Road area of Belfast has in the past two weeks seen a patient who alleges that he was beaten when taken in for questioning at Palace Barracks in Holywood County Down.

Having examined the man he is of the opinion that injuries to his back are as a result of being beaten by people's fists. The man also had swollen and bruised knees resulting from falling during the beating.

Earlier this month an official enquiry by Sir Edmund Compton to investigate interrogation techniques used by British security forces during questioning of detainees in Northern Ireland concluded that while persons arrested and detained were ill-treated, they were not deliberately subjected to cruelty or physical brutality.

As a medical professional who has seen evidence that confirms this is not the case, Dr Raymond Shearer refutes the conclusion of the Compton report,

This beating took place while in custody and under questioning, it was intentional beating, and therefore it is brutality.

He also believes that cruel treatment of this kind is part of the interrogation procedure,

Being beaten during questioning is an integral part of what happens to you once you're taken into custody.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 November 1971.