The number of homeless young people is increasing according to the Simon Community.

On any given night in Dublin city centre, homeless people avail of the services of the Simon Community on what has become known as the Ho Chi Minh trail. The Simon Community soup run is one of the organisation's ways of tackling the problem of homelessness. The service is operated by a group of volunteers who provide soup, tea and sandwiches every night.

According to Simon, there are up to fifteen hundred homeless people in Dublin alone.

Declan Jones, the supervisor on the soup run, outlines some of the reasons as to how and why people become homeless in the first place. He identifies violence in the home and unemployment as two of the many causes.

Reg has been homeless for 18 years. Another man, Paddy Plunkett, talks of the challenges facing people who become homeless and how they come from all walks of life. Declan Jones says that there is a growing number of younger people becoming homeless. For many, homelessness can be a transitory situation and not all of them are permanently homeless.

The Simon Emergency Shelter provides hostel accommodation for 30 people with some residents living there on a long term basis. Others move on to different hostels or end up sleeping rough on the streets.

For Liz Leonard Information Officer at Simon, it is a problem that can be dealt with given the right amount of imagination and political will.

It's a problem that requires imagination and political will.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 December 1991. The reporter is Lorna Donlon.