The Luas Green Line is to be extended from Sandyford to Brides Glen in Dublin.

Minister for Transport Martin Cullen signs an order for the extension of the Luas Green line from Sandyford to Brides Glen at the rear of Cherrywood Business Park in Dublin. Due for completion in 2010, the 7.5 kilometre extension, with 11 stops will carry 8 million passengers a year. It is being co-funded by the exchequer and a group of private developers. Minister Cullen believes the use of private funds speeds is vital for the project's completion as

It releases funds from elsewhere to speed up that delivery.

The Railway Procurement Agency published details of the three route options for a further extension of the Luas Geen Line from Cherrywood to Bray, which it hopes will open in 2015. Director of corporate services with the Railway Procurement Agency Ger Hannon believes this will bring an additional 8 or 9 million passengers.

Routes 1 and 2 closely follow the M50 and M11 motorways, with Route 3 passing through Shankill, running next to the Dart line, before skirting around north Bray.

Economist with Douglas Newman Good Paul Murgatroyd does not think property prices along the proposed new routes will be majorly impacted. With the arrival of the Luas, Dundrum, Churchtown and Milltown saw property values rise. However these areas had,

A very weak transport infrastructure prior to the Luas coming on stream; hence the premium that was added was upwards of 25% to property values.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 August 2006. The reporter is Will Goodbody.