After all most two years Eyre Square in Galway is ready to reopen following a €9 million makeover.

While debate over the cost and design of the new look for Eyre Square continues, Galway City Manager Joe McGrath says that the new design is one of the finest in the country and will bring a new vibrancy to the city. Eyre Square has now been transformed into a 21st century plaza.

In Galway, they counted the weeks one by one as work on this historic old square started, stopped and started again.

Kevin Reynolds from Corrandulla believes that the new square really enhances the centre of Galway which will be good for business.

Nora Dowd from Ballinasloe has a different view saying that they should never have touched the square in the first place.

It was lovely as it was.

City centre businesses, most affected by the construction and traffic restrictions, are delighted that the work is finally coming to an end.

Cian O'Broin general manager of the Great Southern Hotel Galway, says that the two year period during construction have been very difficult for business. He is however very happy with the end result which he believes will bring back tourist numbers and the local community to the city.

City Manager Joe McGrath defends the budget overrun and believes the end result is a square that is one of the best in Europe.

I believe what we have here is a very, very modern city centre square.

As Eyre Square reopens, it is hoped that the appalling traffic congestion of the past two years is now a thing of the past.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 April 2006. The reporter is Jim Fahy.