A new map of Ireland uses satellite based navigation technology to direct motorists on Irish roads.

Ronan McGern and Conor McGreevy have been driving the highways and byways of Ireland to log information for a new digital map of the country's roads. Both work for Navteq a company which specialises in satellite navigation technology. 

Details such as landmarks, speed limits and lane systems are logged to laptop computer. This data will in the not too distant future ensure that drivers reach their destinations in a timely manner with the help of GPS (global positioning system). 

The new technology is available via smartphones, personal devices and in-car navigation. Marketing director Andrew Little explains the system ranges in price from three hundred euro for a map of Ireland to one thousand euro for a map of Europe.  

Information for every street in Ireland is now available via satnav (satellite navigation system).

I can simply press a few buttons to find out how long it should take to get there, what route to take... the exit to take at the next roundabout.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 March 2006. The reporter is Conor Mark Kavanagh.