Some young pigeon fanciers from Dublin tell Dara Ó Briain about their hobby.

Pigeon racing may be is a niche hobby for children, but for these young pigeon fanciers racing birds is a regular weekend activity.  

For Ciaran and Nicola Flynn having pigeon lofts in their back garden is part of everyday life, as their father is a pigeon fancier. This is a hobby which requires financial investment as well as time.  

It depends on the type of pigeon. You can pay from ten pounds to about three hundred pounds.

Pigeon fanciers are kept busy at weekends with races, and there are separate racing seasons for old and young birds. They must look after their equipment too, like the mandatory clock system as demonstrated by Edward Feeney. In spite of all the love and care that is put into these birds, things do not always go to plan.  

Sometimes you'll lose them.

This episode of 'Echo Island’ was broadcast on 26 March 1996. The presenter is Dara Ó Briain. 

'Echo Island' was an Irish young people's television programme on RTÉ Network 2 that was broadcast as part of 'The Den'. It was preceded by 'Jo Maxi' and followed by 'Sting' on Network 2. It first aired in September 1994 with two episodes a week and grew to four episodes a week - two in English and two in Irish - in 1995.

It featured segments such as 'Make and Do', Pet Clinic with Pete Wedderburn, interviews with adults in The Shack, books, film and television reviews, regular appearances by Rocco a Moluccan cockatoo and showcased young Irish rock bands. It ran for six seasons and concluded in June 1999.

The presenters included Dara Ó Briain, Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh, Alan Hughes, Derek Mooney, Mary Kingston and Carrie Crowley.