The Fighting Fantasy series of books offer readers interactive storylines.

Authors Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson share a love of board games and a love of comic books.

Soon even those were insufficient to occupy their ranging minds so they decided to combine reading and playing.

Their work has now made both authors internationally renowned and prosperous. Ian Livingstone explains how their books work with choices to be made by the reader.

If you want to open a door, turn to reference 77. If you want to carry on walking down the corridor, turn to reference 200.

The reader becomes the central character of the book deciding how the story unfolds.

Steve Jackson explains how it started out as fantasy, they have now expanded into horror and science fiction. There are even super heroes, where the reader has their own choice of super powers.

While it began as entertainment for children, the books now have a cult following with teenagers and adults.  

Seven million copies of these fighting fantasy books selling worldwide.

Computer game manufacturers are now queuing up to buy the storylines and a spin-off encyclopedia of monsters found in the stories has also been published.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 March 1986. The reporter is Colm Connolly.