The National Parents Council ask parents to supervise Leaving and Junior Certificate exams if members of the ASTI refuse to do so.

Leaving and Junior Certificate oral examinations are just weeks away, but at present there is no guarantee that they will go ahead.

An ongoing pay dispute between the Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland (ASTI) and the Department of Education is currently before the Labour Court. A thirty per cent pay rise is being sought by the teachers' union, which has threatened to withdraw exam services if an acceptable recommendation from the Labour Court cannot be found.  

The National Parents' Council Post Primary (NPCCP) have called on parents to offer to supervise the Junior and Leaving Certificates this summer. President of the NPCCP Marie Danaswamy tells RTÉ News, the exams need to go ahead regardless, 

Parents need to be prepared to step in. And I would ask the ASTI if this is morally right, is this legally right?

George O’Callaghan from the Secondary School Managers’ Association said that supervising exams is a complex security operation, which involves a lot of paperwork and requires training,  

We have to look at the whole area of people being able to do the job and obviously people developing a skill in how to supervise...that can’t be done today or tomorrow.

It’s expected that the ASTI will return to the Labour Court next week for a new round of talks and 3 March is the deadline issued by the teachers who want  

An acceptable recommendation or else they’ll ban the supervision of exams next May and June.

All sides say they hope it will not come to that. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 February 2001. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.