Kilworth provides a safe haven for those looking to escape the violent unrest in Northern Ireland.

When there is trouble in the Northern Ireland, dozens of families cross the border to seek refuge in the Republic of Ireland. Since July 1970 men, women and children have been catered for at the army camp at Kilworth near Fermoy in County Cork returning north again when peace and order is restored.

Twenty-six year old Northern Presbyterian John Friars recently arrived at Kilworth with his wife and children. A butcher by trade, he is vowing never return to Belfast. Given the level of violence and unrest not only in Belfast, but throughout Northern Ireland, he does not feel safe raising his family there.

I just couldn't, you know, stay with the fear.

John Friars hopes to get a butchers job in the Republic of Ireland and save to buy or rent a house. Even if he does not get a job, he will stay. He and his family are getting as much assistance as they can from the people in the south.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 February 1971. The reporter is Vincent O’Sullivan.

This report features mute footage of Kilworth camp and women and children eating in the dining hall.