Crowd trouble at Lansdowne Road during a European Cup tie between Waterford and Glasgow Celtic.

Waterford faced Glasgow Celtic in the first leg of their second round European Cup tie at Lansdowne Road in Dublin. During the first half of the match, after Celtic score their third goal, a brawl breaks out on the terraces at the Lansdowne Road end.

A lot of nasty stuff going on behind the goal Celtic are attacking into at the moment.

One of the Celtic fans brandishes a flagpole and uses it a weapon. The crowd scatters in panic, with some football fans taking refuge on the pitch.

I think they can forget about football.

For twenty minutes running battles rage up and down the terraces. At half-time the Danish referee Kaj Rasmussen delays the start of the second half until order is restored and bottles and cans cleared from the pitch. 

At the final whistle the score is Waterford 0; Glasgow Celtic 7.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 October 1970. The commentator is Jimmy Magee.