Angry scenes in Saint Fintan's Church in Sutton when parishioners eject an RTÉ camera crew from Sunday mass.

Parishioners of Saint Fintan’s Church in Sutton, County Dublin arrive for Sunday mass where Father Ciaran O'Carroll is to give a sermon addressing the revelation that former curate at the church, Father Ivan Payne paid £27,500 in compensation to a former altar boy who accused him of sexual abuse. The money was a loan from the Archbishop of Dublin Desmond Connell.

Although Parish Priest Father Raymond Moloney has given permission for an RTÉ camera crew to film during the mass, parishioners have other ideas. While Father O'Carroll is giving his sermon, members of the congregation, angry at the presence of the camera crew lead a chorus of,

Out, out, out.

It is clear the mass cannot continue in the presence of the camera crew and some members of the congregation then escort them out of the church.

Father O'Carroll expresses his abhorrence of child sexual abuse and stresses that Father Payne has not been charged or convicted of anything. He assures parishioners that any money contributed by them has not been used in the settlement. There is applause when Father O’Carroll concludes the sermon.

After mass churchgoers are reluctant to engage with the media. Some people are unhappy at the pursuit of scandal in the Catholic Church.

Why aren’t you investigating child sex abuse in other walks of life, it’s just all the Church at the moment.

Another man understands the animosity towards the camera crew expressed by some parishioners,

There is a thing here in Ireland that we don’t want these things exposed.

Father O'Carroll says what happened at the mass was a spontaneous reaction from the congregation.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 October 1995. The reporter is Cathy Milner.