An article published in a Catholic Parish Magazine condemns the activities of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Fr Aquinas CP Parish Priest of Holy Cross, Ardoyne and editor of the parish magazine is unrepentant about his comments and talks about the reaction of his parishioners since the article was published.

The mass of the people, I'd say eighty-five per cent have sent their congratulations.

Fr Aquinas says he has received a mainly positive response to the publication from parishioners. The only complaint is that the voice of dissent did not come sooner. However, there was a delegation of around two hundred people who protested saying that Fr Aquinas was pushing his politics down their throats. Fr Aquinas claims that these people were unrepresentative of the 10,000 Catholics in his parish and says they never complained in the past when he publicly condemned the the British army and the torture in Gordwood, Hollywood.

I condemned the act of violence of the IRA in the present circumstances.

Fr Aquinas speaks about the close relationship that exists between priests and people in Belfast. He says that the fact that other priests have not spoken out is a matter for them. 

I know my own people so I felt I could speak on their behalf.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 August 1972. The reporter is Kevin O'Kelly.