The Glenderry Coast Guard Life Saving Service crew in County Kerry parade and roll out their equipment for quarterly inspection.

In Glenderry, County of Kerry the crew of the Coast Guard Life Saving Service parade for quarterly inspection by the Service's superintendent for the west coast Captain Philip Duggan.

The 15 strong crew hauled out their 40 year old wagon containing equipment such as rockets, maroons and breeches buoys. The volunteers went through their exercises that one day may help them rescue people on the rocky Kerry coast.

Captain Philip Duggan explains the work of the Coast Guard Life Saving Service which is arguably the least vaunted of the Irish volunteer services.

Captain Duggan says the Coast Guard Life Saving Service has 54 stations around the Irish coast, 24 of which are on the south coast. The Service liaises with the Lifeboat Service which has responsibility for rescues at sea.

Captain Duggan provides the commentary for two exercises. During the first, a crew member places a maroon into a mortar and lights the fuse.

It explodes in the air and throws out white stars, this is the signal for the crew to assemble.

In the second exercise, a crew member fires a rocket from a projector towards an exercise post 110 metres away,

This is an imaginary wreck.

Once the three man wreck crew wave a white flag to confirm they have the rocket line, hauling on the line can begin.

This episode of 'Newsbeat' was broadcast on 10 September 1965.