For the first time a car ferry service at Rosslare Harbour will allow passengers to drive between ship and shore.

Following an eight month period of hard work, the first drive on-drive off car ferry service begins at Rosslare Harbour in County Wexford. The British Railways' steamer St David arrives from Fishguard in Wales carrying 63 cars and one motorcycle.

The first car ashore is driven by John Freeman from London. Once vehicles leave the ship, they are driven onto a moveable ramp and then through a subway under Rosslare Pier. Drivers continues along a newly built concrete road to the mainland where they pass through customs.

Previously cars had been lifted off the steamers by crane and brought to the mainland on railway wagons.

Passengers travelling to Fishguard on the return journey are also using the car ferry for the first time.

Initially, there will be two steamers a day, increasing to three ships a day in each direction during the summer.  25,000 tourist cars have already been booked on the route.

The official opening at Rosslare is to take place on 11 June 1965.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 May 1965. The footage shown here is mute.