Northern Ireland Prime Minister Captain Terence O'Neill travels to Dublin for talks with An Taoiseach Seán Lemass.

Terence O'Neill and Seán Lemass met over lunch at the Department of External Affairs at Iveagh House. Also in attendance were Minister for Industry and Commerce Jack Lynch and Minister for External Affairs Frank Aiken as well as Mrs Kathleen Lemass and Mrs  Katharine O'Neill.

At about 2.30 pm that day, the Government Information Bureau announced that Mr and Mrs O'Neill were in Dublin, at which stage photographers flocked to Iveagh House to capture the historic meeting.

Three weeks earlier when Seán Lemass had travelled to Stormont to meet Captain O'Neill in what was the first official leaders' meeting in forty years. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 February 1965. This footage is mute.