A training course aims to provide women with all of the skills required to produce publications with information about women in Ireland.

A building that was the former home to the Irish Women Workers' Union on Fleet Street in Dublin is being used to provide training courses for women in publishing.

Róisín Conway gives the background to how Irish Feminist Information (IFI) came to be in the building and how their activities have grown. Founded in 1978 the IFI started out producing a feminist calendar and then went into publishing the Irish Women's Diary and Guidebook.

The organisation was inundated with requests for information about the position of women in Irish society.  They developed a training course in conjunction with AnCO covering all areas of publishing. 

It was opening new opportunities for women. It was training women in non traditional areas and if you look at publishing and printing, that's where you find women at the lowest paid. 

Some of the women take part in the training explain what motivated them to do the course and what they hope to achieve. 

Catherine is working on a book called 'More Missing Pieces' telling the story of women in Irish history. Coming from a background in design she wanted to get into publishing and wanted a position on the course, which is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Another trainee, Carmel, is working on a publication 'Who Owns Ireland? Who Owns Who?', which provides key economic and demographic statistics about the country in a readable format for ordinary people.

Both Catherine and Carmel hope to use the skills they have learnt during the course in their work in their respective communities. 

The Women's Programme was broadcast on 8 January 1985. The reporter is Doireann Ní Bhriain