The Gaiety Theatre in Dublin is on schedule to reopen despite the apparent upheaval during extensive renovations.

Dublin's Gaiety Theatre built in 1871 has been closed since March 1983 while it undergoes a £750,000 face-lift. The refurbishment work at the South Kings Street theatre includes re-roofing, painting and decorating, an entire new stage and an enlarged orchestra pit. The refurbishment project was originally costed at £500,000.

The theatre is on schedule to reopen on 22 October with a gala concert featuring Maureen Potter and a host of other stars.

Maureen Potter is delighted to see the refurbishments to the theatre and is particularly impressed with the improvements to the stage.

To walk in today and to see the refurbishment, to see the painting to see the ceilings, it’s absolute heaven, it’s going to be beautiful.

Managing director of the Gaiety Dick Condon is adamant the Gaiety is back for good,

I hope it will flourish and will remain as the principal theatre in Ireland for many years to come.

Gaiety director Fred O'Donovan is emotional about the theatre’s reopening.

To have the old lady of South King Street back again, well I think most Dubliners will agree, it’s a really great day for Ireland.

While he was fearful for the theatre’s future, he never felt it would close permanently.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 September 1984. The reporter is Reg Cullen.