Lightships have been anchored at Daunt Rock for over a hundred years but now an unmanned electronic buoy is to replace the vessel the 'Osprey'.

On many occasions throughout its history, the cables holding the lightships at the Daunt Rock off the Cork coast have parted and rescue missions had to be carried out. One of the most famous rescues was carried out by Ballycotton Lifeboat Service in February 1936 when the lightship the 'Comet' broke from its moorings in and drifted in heavy seas.

The last of the Daunt Rock lightships have now been towed off station with the aid of the Irish Lights vessel Isolda.

Captain H N Greenlee explains that the removal of the lightship is in accordance with the Commissioners of Irish Lights general policy to withdraw all light vessels from the coast of Ireland over a phased period.

We are replacing it with a high focal plane buoy.

According to Captain Greenlee, there are four lightships still remaining around the Irish coast. There are plans to withdraw these over a number of years. The Osprey will probably be put up for sale.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 August 1974. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.