The Clandeboye Estate hosts the Northern Ireland Game and Country Fair.

The Game and Country Fair in County Down attracts angling enthusiasts and hunters for a weekend of fun for all the family.

An event growing in popularity by the year.

Reg Kane Angling Director of the fair describes how the event has become very important to field sports in Northern Ireland and describes it as a good day of clean entertainment for all the family. The event attracts visitors from the island of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Last year 26,000 people visited the event and weather permitting this figure may rise to in excess of of 35,000. 

Not everybody takes delight in the fair.

Hunting and fishing are not for everyone and a number of protesters have assembled at the gates to the estate to voice their opposition. Member of the animal rights movement accuse the organisers of displaying and selling what they refer to as the instruments of cruelty. Reg Kane argues that the fair is very pro animal. 

We are all animal lovers. We provide excellent habitats. We keep the rivers clean and I have yet to see a protest from the antis about pollution in Northern Ireland.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 July 1984. The reporter is Gary Honeyford.