Moycullen House offers visitors to Galway all the comforts of home in a stunning location overlooking Lough Corrib.

Moycullen House overlooking Lough Corrib is one of Galway’s best kept secrets, offers incredible value for holidaymakers seeking all the comforts of home while making the most of the amenities in the surrounding area.

Moycullen House has been in the hands of Phyllis Casburn and her family since 1965. The house was built in the late 19th century and used as a hunting lodge before the Casburns refurbished the property as a family home and a guesthouse.

The property is ideally located for visitors wishing to experience the west of Ireland. It has stunning views of Lough Corrib and is in close proximity to Galway City, Spiddal, Oughterard and Barna beaches.

Most of the guests at Moycullen House are from abroad, with fewer English people visiting than in previous years. There is no shortage of activities for them to pursue in a location that offers fishing, boating, swimming and cycling.

Children staying at Moycullen Hose are well catered for, and many of them enjoy playing with the Casburn’s dog and pony. There are also swings and extensive grounds for them to run about in without any danger from traffic. After the evening meal, Phyllis has no problem minding the children and putting them to bed while their parents go out.

Phyllis Casburn does not see herself as a typical guest house operator.

Most definitely not, I don’t think there’s another one like me actually.

Catering for up to 20 guests at one time and Phyllis believes that food plays an important part in a holiday. Her upbringing has taught her to make a tasty meal with very little and she does all her own baking. Cooking makes people happy and guests at Moycullen get a five course dinner including coffee on a nightly basis. Visitors can also have a full breakfast if they wish.

It is possibly one of the best value holidays that you could possibly have.

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