Keen to restore the home of GAA founder Michael Cusack the people of Carron have been disappointed with the response of the Clare County Board and Central Council.

Michael Cusack was born in Carron, County Clare in 1847 and the remains of his family home still stand in the parish. In a state of decay since it was last inhabited in the 1950s, locals hope to restore the homestead for posterity. 

In 1965, the local GAA Club submitted a motion to the Clare County Board to fence in the birthplace of Michael Cusack and to signpost it. At the 1966 convention, the motion was passed unanimously.  Secretary of the Committee set up for the protection of Michael Cusack's family home, Shawn McMahon, explains how it was expected that assistance would be provided from the County Board to proceed with the necessary works. As the years passed, however, nothing was done and the GAA Club set up a local committee to raise funds to carry out the works. 

Circulars were sent to all the County and Divisional Boards throughout Ireland requesting subscriptions to restore the walls of the house. However, the committee is disappointed with the amount of money received from the County Boards. Local fundraising initiatives were also organised which raised twice as much money as was received from the County Boards. 

The committee also wrote to Central Council but have to date received no financial assistance. 

We believe that Cusack, as the founder of the GAA, which as everybody knows is the largest amateur association in the world, deserved to have his birthplace marked and retained.

As the walls of the building were crumbling and livestock were intruding on it, the committee hoped to preserve the building for future generations.

Most of the walls have now been restored and a wall has been built around the front of the house to keep out livestock.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 February 1974.