It is now the law. Motorists and their passengers are obliged to wear safety belts.

The wearing of seat belts becomes compulsory for car drivers and front seat passengers on 1 February 1979. Garda checkpoints have been set up around the country to provide instruction and advice to motorists about what the new legislation entails.

Garda Tom Gillerman speaks to RTÉ News about the reaction to the new laws from motorists. While the legislation comes into force today, the Gardaí are taking a soft approach to enforcement by providing drivers with advice that they should be wearing their seat belts. 

I advise them that it became law as and from today.

Garda Gillerman says that motorists will be given around a month before strict enforcement of the new road safety law is implemented. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 February 1979.