Dubliners present look to share artefacts, memories and wishes with Dubliners future.

The final official event of the Dublin Millennium year is a gift to the city's future. A time capsule will contain message for Dublin and its people in 2088.

Dublin's millennium year will burn brightly again in the year 2088.

In 2088, our descendants will break the seal on a time capsule which has been placed outside the Mansion House, to find documents, artefacts and photographs representing life in the city in 1988.

A selection of people from different walks of life describe what they would like to leave for future generations.

A Garda says she would leave a payslip, a note, and a family photograph, to let everyone know that

Dublin was great in '88

One of her colleagues said his legacy would be to let people know that Dublin was a great place to live and hopes it would be even better a hundred years from now.

RTÉ newsreader Don Cockburn says he would let his descendants know that his bike is parked outside the GPO and the key is in the lock.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Ben Briscoe would send greetings to the Lord Mayor a hundred years from now.

A seventy-one year old Cultural Studies student is hopeful that Dublin's environment will have improved in a hundred years.

Zig and Zag want to put Teddy into the time capsule and believe that their television careers will be still going strong in 2088 although they expect to be working in current affairs by then.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 November 1988. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.