A silversmith produces an exact replica of the Sam Maguire Cup the trophy given to the All Ireland Football Champions.

The new Sam Maguire Cup is an exact copy of the original, which was wrought to the design of the Ardagh Chalice

Kilkenny based Silversmith Desmond Byrne was commissioned by the GAA to create an exact replica of the original Sam Maguire Cup after it had been damaged over the years. It took five hundred hours to complete by hand and was presented to the GAA by jeweller Ciaran Eustace. The cup is insured for a figure in excess of £10,000. 

Desmond Byrne explains how he made the replica chalice from a flat silver sheet. The only difference between the replica and the original is the weight, with the new cup weighing more than the old one.

Hopefully, it will withstand the years.

The original cup which dates back to 1928, is to be retired to the GAA Museum, while the new cup will be handed over to the next All-Ireland champions.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 August 1988. The reporter is Kevin McDonald.