Liam George the hero and the Republic of Ireland squad are Under 18 European Champions after beating Germany in a penalty shootout.

Darragh Maloney describes Liam George's penalty against Germany to win the UEFA European Under 18 title. 

The match between the Republic of Ireland and Germany finished 1-1 after a last-minute German equaliser. When extra time could not separate the sides it was down to penalties. It all came down to Liam George to take the final shot on goal for the Republic of Ireland.  

Liam George has scored from the penalty spot and Ireland are European champions.

Ireland won the shootout by four goals to three. This is a second European Championship win for the Republic of Ireland having already taken the UEFA Under 16 title eleven weeks earlier. 

Brian Kerr does a little Irish jig around the centre of the field.

Following the match, RTÉ Sport spoke to coach Noel O'Reilly, goalkeeper Alex O'Reilly and manager Brian Kerr.

For Brian Kerr,

I'd settle for winning the European one on penalties.

'Sunday Sport' broadcast on 26 July 1998. 

The starting lineup included Robbie Keane, Thomas Heary, Keith Doyle, Richard Dunne, Gary Doherty, Jason Gavin, Stephen McPhail, Gerard Crossley, Barry Quinn, Ronnie O'Brien, and Alex O'Reilly in goal. Substitutes included Liam George, Alan Quinn, Paul Donnolly, Ryan Casey, Richie Partridge, David Freeman and Dean Delaney (Goalie).