A one-mile section of the new Santry Bypass is officially opened.

The city's newest thoroughfare was officially opened with a touch of nostalgia.

A joint venture between the Corporation and the County Council, the Lord Mayor Dan Brown and Council Chairman Mick Gennan arrived for the opening of the new Santry Bypass in a horse-driven coach. Their arrival marked the end of an era, the passing of what was once the Old Northern Coach Road. 

After this evening's opening, the sound of horses hoof beats will be heard no more. Instead, there will be the roar of modern day traffic. 

The one-mile section of the Santry Bypass opened between the Church of the Holy Child in Whitehall and Coolock Lane near Santry Stadium cost in the region of £3 million and was the first section of the new road to open. The construction took just over one year to complete. Another three-mile section will take the bypass beyond the airport and works are due to commence next year at a cost of £10 million. 

Chief City Engineer Brendan Murphy was regretful that the new dual carriageway did not continue to the port area. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 June 1983.