The Lisbon Treaty has been rejected by the Irish people in a referendum on the future of Europe.

With a 53 per cent turnout, the voters said no to the treaty in a resounding manner. At the RDS Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan was shouted down by jubilant No campaigners as he was interviewed for RTÉ News. 

Within minutes of the boxes being open, it was clear the referendum was lost.

Later in the day, the overall result was announced at Dublin Castle by referendum returning officer Maurice Coughlan  votes in favour of the proposal 752,451 and votes against the proposal 862,415, a difference of 109,964.

The treaty was carried in only ten of the forty-three constituencies. 

Senior politicians here are now concentrating on how to handle this crisis in our relationship with the EU.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 June 2008. The reporter is Joe O'Brien.