Taoiseach Jack Lynch and the Minister for Finance Charles Haughey return from Luxembourg following talks on European Economic Community membership.

An Taoiseach Jack Lynch tells RTÉ News about the motivations behind the meeting and the prospect of Irish membership of the EEC.

The newly appointed Taoiseach says the meeting was an opportunity to voice Irish views on membership and to gain the insight of Prime Minister Harold Wilson's plans for Britain. The British had recently started a new initiative in relation to their application for membership to the EEC, and on this basis, Ireland would take advice from the British experience in determining the future course of action on Irish membership.

Mr Wilson has undertaken to keep me informed.

Mr Lynch says that their meeting included a general discussion of the Anglo-Irish Trade Agreement, specifically in relation to agriculture and cattle exports.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 July 1967.

Ireland, along with the United Kingdom and Denmark, joined the EEC in 1973.