Wexford is a typical Irish town located at a river crossing. However, it has unique characteristics too.

The town of Wexford on the mouth of the river Slaney has seen many changes over centuries. Originating as a Viking settlement the east coast town was once a thriving port before the development of Rosslare and silting up of the river estuary. The mercantile buildings along the waterfront and the railway line running along the quay are evidence of a Wexford's trading past. 

Where once a court house stood there is now a petrol station other areas of the town are also showing signs of neglect. A new urban renewal plan for Wexford is now in place. 

'We Live Here: A Study of Wexford Town' was broadcast on 16 December 1977. The programme was written and produced by Christopher Fitz-Simon.

'We Live Here' was a series dealing with aspects of the Irish environment, in particular, that which is man-made.